Little Portrait of a Big Cat

Little Portrait Oil Painting of a Main Coon Cat

Main Coon cat portrait. 6" x 6" oil painting on canvas by Christine Montague 2014. A portrait this size is 200 CAD. (plus taxes + shipping of applicable).

Main Coon cat portrait. 6″ x 6″ oil painting on canvas by Christine Montague 2014. A portrait this size is 200 CAD. (plus taxes + shipping of applicable).

For those of you who have never heard of the feline breed, the Main Coon, they are  magnificent gentle giants, and the perfect pet for those who would like a dog, but not the work involved. These cats are big, powerful pets with beautiful, intelligent,  cougar like faces, and gorgeous silky long fur. The lovely Main Coon cat above is a silver point tabby with bright green eyes.

I received this commission with delight, as I also have a silver point Main Coon, and in her younger days (she’s now 14!) ,  looked just like the sweet-faced  cat in this portrait.

All aspects of this pet portrait commission was handled via the internet. The U.K. client emailed me ( just go to , and sent me the reference photos that way, too.  I emailed a full size scan of the finished portrait to the client for approval, and the client then paid by Paypal through my website .  The portrait was then properly and securely packaged and set via express Canada Post, so that it travelled quickly, insured and tracked, from my Greater Toronto Area, Canada to the United Kingdom.

I put a lot of attention, care, and, yes, love, into these little portraits, so that even with our Canadian postage fees, these 6″ x 6″ unique little tributes to loved ones, are at great value for original art, in the luxury, but beautiful world of portraiture art.

A Main Coon Portrait Painting that is Much, Much Larger (60x to be exact)

And my Main Coon?  She has been the subject of many of my paintings, most of them large-scale portraiture art. Quite the contrast to my little portrait paintings, which makes it easier to understand about why I promote these as little portraits with a big heart, or little works from a painter who like to paint large. If you would like a portrait in time for the holidays, just a friendly reminder now is the time to order. Just go to and click on the email symbol or Guestbook.  Below is an example of my Big Cats Series. This 60 inch high portrait  in silver , black and white oil stick and oil paints, would make a regal edition (I can envision it by a window or French door) to the home of any cat lover or client with the flair for the whimsically dramatic.

Main Coon cat portrait availble for sale by Christine Montague,  Canada.

Silver Light. Main Coon Cat Portrait. 60″ x 36″. Silver (metallic), black and white oil and oil stick portrait by Christine Montague . $1500 CAD at time of posting.



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