New Little Portrait Painting A Portrait of Love

Christine Montague Little portrait painting

6″ x 12″ Portrait of a military couple. Copyright Christine Montague

I was recently commissioned to paint the portrait of the lovely couple above. Unfortunately, I rarely get to  meet the subjects of these little portraits in person. The handsome couple in this portrait live over a thousand kilometers away from my Greater Toronto Area studio.  All communication for this portrait was done via e-mail and the photographic reference was attached as .jpegs.

This is quite different from the traditional portraiture process for larger works.  For example, I do not work from another person’s photographs for reference, unless the work is posthumous (Dr. Oscar Peterson, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga). I commit a lot of time to the discussion and planning of a full-scale portrait before the real painting part even begins.  I photograph the subject and create studies and/or full size working drawings approved by the client.

Little Portrait Paintings reduces most of this pre-planning. The client supplies the photograph. The portrait is of the head only, and so no planning is needed for pose, background or clothing.

So although my Little Portrait Paintings are detailed, and painted with the same finest quality Winsor & Newton oil paint,  they are about half the size of the traditional portraiture face.

I approach all my portraiture with the concept the subject’s eyes are key.  When I connect with the eyes, and feel that they are “alive”,  that is when the portrait begins to work for me. Don’t you think the eyes in the portrait above tell different stories about the subjects? There really is a magic to portraiture!

I enjoy that my Little Portrait Paintings business allows me to paint a variety of faces, especially babies. Let’s face it, it’s not really customary in North American society to commission a large portrait of one’s toddler, but the little portraits serve well as an adorable family heirloom.  Pets, babies and happy couples, it’s all a joy to me.

The size of the paintings and that you supply the photograph that you feel captures the subject, permits me to offer original traditional oil paintings at an exceptional value of  $200/ face.  A  larger, traditional portrait of a head and shoulders starts at $1000.

So far, most of these Little Portrait Paintings have been commissioned as unique (and surprise) gifts for loved ones, as was the portrait above. You get original art, that I guarantee you love. I get the perk of creating an art work commissioned out of love. You can understand, why I love my job (i.e. my passion) of artist. 



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