Painting With Love


Wedding Portrait oil painting 12" high x 6" w. Copyright Christine Montague

Wedding Portrait oil painting 12″ high x 6″ w. Copyright Christine Montague

This oil painting of a newly married couple in which the bride and groom look so happy, was commissioned as a surprise 25th anniversary present by the husband to his still lovely bride.

My guidelines for these “Little Portrait Paintings” commissions are that they are 6″ by 6″ and of face only. But, if the circumstances are right, I will make exceptions.

As the photo reference for this anniversary portrait was a small-sized fading snapshot, it couldn’t give the clear image I needed for detailed rendering of the bride and groom’s faces. The pose, however, fit perfectly on a 6″ x 12″ canvas, the size I normally use for commission that request two portraits on one canvas.

And who could resist painting a portrait of two people so happy and in love commissioned by a husband who so obviously felt the same way today?

Speaking of love, I really do love the little portraits I get to do. With only a couple of exceptions, every one of these little portraits was commissioned as a gift.

So the client is happy because they have thought of a “different” one of a kind idea as a present for a loved one, one that has value as original art, and is an instant heirloom for the recipient.

And for me, the artist, I get to work in my profession, painting cute babies, adorable pets and  people in love. What’s not to love?


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